Organic Unsalted Cashew Butter

If there is one thing at Tierra Farm we know, it’s cashews. When we grind them up into a nut butter spread, you are getting a creamy, delicious nut butter that can’t be beat. We know that the best-tasting cashews are organically grown in Southeast Asia and Northeast Africa; and since we exclusively use only cashews with the creamiest tasting flavor profile, we guarantee you the best-tasting cashew butter, period. Try them as a substitute for peanut butter in your favorite cookie recipe and you will have the crowd raving about how good they are. You will have owed it all to Tierra Farm’s Unsalted Cashew Butter.

Ingredients: Organic Dry Roasted Cashews

Contains Cashew

Processed in a facility that handles tree nuts, soy and milk.

Certified Organic, Gluten-Free, Kosher