Tierra Farm manufactures all of its products in-house, by hand—other than our raw goods and dried fruit. We offer a broad range of packaging options, so that you can choose the configuration which works best for you.

Our packaging is 100% recyclable while also being tamper-proof and durable, making shipping a breeze. On the shelf, our square design is sleek and visible, giving you back 15% more space.

If we don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, please tell us how we can serve you. With our hands-on operations, we have the flexibility to accommodate your needs. Our best ideas come from your feedback.


Our bulk program gives you access to a multitude of different ways of presenting our high-quality products to your customers. Our roasted and raw products are shipped to you in double-walled boxes which are some of the strongest in the industry! The items are shipped in sizes ranging from 15 to 30 lbs. and include a bag liner and are usually sealed with a twist tie.

If you’re looking for pallets, or you just want a box or two for your family, Tierra Farm has many solutions for your bulk needs. While most of our products come in predetermined sizes, talk to us and we can find a bulk size that works well for you.


Our clear plastic tubs are made out of one piece of BPA-free plastic. They are the square clamshell variety sealed by a plastic pull tab to eliminate the waste created by a plastic heated seal ring. The tubs are a very sleek, modern design providing clear visibility of our high-quality products within the package.

The majority of our packages are in predetermined sizes of 4 oz., 8 oz., or 16 oz., but sizes may vary based on the density of the product. Our plastic tubs are, of course, 100% recyclable and with their square shape you won’t be leaving an empty space on the shelf.

Looking for a resealable bag instead? No problem. Talk to us about our clear plastic gusseted bag options, we have the sizes you need to display on your shelf or hang from a peg. Our customer service and sales teams will be happy to assist in finding the prepackaged option that works best for you!

Private Label & Co-Packing

Put your name on our quality goods with our private label program. We will work with you to provide a unique private label that will help equate our great quality with your brand. Our products are often talked about in the grocery industry and one of the most consistently growing segments in grocery is private label.

A private label can help you increase your profits, connect with your customers with high quality products, create brand loyalty among your consumer base, and keep those consumers coming back for more. Design your own label or let our in-house design team do the work to create a custom label to fit your brand. We are ready and willing to find an eye-catching design to help you launch your sales in the prepackaged snack department, so call us today to find out more.

Granola Packaging

Tierra Farm is proud to offer all of our granola in a clear, plastic resealable bag. Get our prepackaged granola out of the nut aisle and put it in the cereal aisle where it belongs. All of our granola is packed in a gusseted stand-up pouch, comes to you sealed, and is resealable for your convenience. The granola line is available with our brand or yours and the new packaging adds security, visibility, and will stay fresher longer. Call us today to find out more.