Sustainability has always been the linchpin that holds our company together. It’s always been our first priority, and to that end, we work tirelessly to ensure we are a model of environmental responsibility, employee appreciation, and customer engagement.

Our core philosophy is similar to the concept that the best-quality milk comes from cows that are well tended to; the best-quality snacks come from great organic farms, and are processed by happy, healthy, positive employees. Tierra Farm is a farmer-friendly business which buys and sells our products at prices that are fair to the farmer, as well as the end consumer, while we stay focused on having the best quality.

We’ve built lasting relationships with some of the best organic farmers in the world and more and more of our purchases are sourced directly from the farmer. Working together with your suppliers like this allows us to see the great efforts that are being made in maintaining a clean environment while preserving our organic integrity and ensuring fair business practices throughout the supply chain.

Everything we make is made in small, hand-crafted batches, in environmentally conscious facilities which consider everything from packaging to waste reduction, to solar energy. Every year, more and more of Tierra Farm’s operations are powered by renewable solar energy.

We are committed to environmental responsibility in every aspect of our operations, and we’re continuously looking for better ways to protect the planet.

We handle only certified-organic products which are grown without pesticides, genetically modified organisms, or chemical fertilizers. This supports biodiversity, helps conserve fresh water, and enhances the soil. We generate over 70% of our electricity from solar panels and we recycle over 60% of our waste. In terms of our packaging, it’s 100% recyclable and is now 20% more sustainable.