VALATIE, N.Y.—Tierra Farm, a certified organic manufacturer and distributor of nuts, dried fruits, coffee and chocolate products based in Valatie, is now offering its employees wellness benefits through an arrangement with Collaborative Medical Arts (CMA).

Starting this month, Tierra Farm employees will receive annual “wellness cards” totaling $500 to put toward services at CMA. Additionally, doctors from CMA will visit the farm on a quarterly basis to provide information on timely health-related topics, including nutrition and fitness.

CMA is located in Chatham, N.Y. and is an integrative medical practice offering comprehensive holistic healthcare, sharing in Tierra Farm’s overarching appreciation for both a physical and spiritual connection between us and nature. This partnership will serve to further enhance a workplace environment which already places unique priority on employee wellness and well-being.

Tierra Farm’s 60, mostly full-time employees currently benefit from daily homemade lunches prepared on-site using locally-grown produce, as well as access to an employee gym. Full time employees also enjoy traditional benefits such as health insurance, for which Tierra Farm covers 100 percent of the premium, as well as dental and vision coverage, and a 401(k).

“We want to cultivate a workplace culture of wellbeing and fulfillment among our team here at the Farm, and so we’re always open to exploring new ideas which would help us do that,” said Gunther Fishgold, founder, Tierra Farm. “We’re looking to this program with Collaborative Medical Arts to supply Tierra Farm employees with additional resources, including information, treatment and wellness coaching, which will enhance their experiences not just at work but in life more generally.”

“Tierra Farm and Collaborative Medical Arts share the conviction that individual wellbeing benefits the collective,” said Jude Nue, RN, ANS, Collaborative Medical Arts. “The Farm takes care of its employees and, in return, enjoys a positive and productive work atmosphere. We’re excited to be a part of this and we’re excited to incorporate our services into the Farm’s broader mission.”

This partnership comes at a time of accelerated growth for Tierra Farm, which is on track for a double-digit percentage increase in production volume, building off of $23 million in total sales for 2016.

About Tierra Farm:
Located in Valatie, N.Y., Tierra Farm is an employee-owned, environmentally-conscious farm specializing in the processing of certified organic nut, seed, dried fruit, coffee and chocolate products. Everything is grown without synthetic pesticides, genetically modified organisms, or chemical fertilizers, and sold at prices that are equally fair to farmers and consumers. Our products are available at food cooperatives and independently-owned grocery stores across the U.S, at our Valatie retail store and online at